Stremio-Jackett Community v4.1.0

Addon configuration

This is an ElfHosted instance of the Stremio-Jackett Addon.

ElfHosted is an open-source PaaS built and run by geeks, which self-hosts your favorite streaming apps for you automatically and easily.

Individual, hosted Stremio Addons (including Stremio-Jackett, if you want to customize Jackett) are available from $0.10/day, with $10 free credit for new accounts.

Highly-available, open-source infrastructure
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You will enter information about streaming here

Enable debrid service for faster streaming

(ATTENTION: this is illegal in some countries)

Debrid Information

You will enter your debrid provider and its API key here

Metadata Provider

You will enter information about your metadata provider here

Use TMDB for more accurate metadata in different languages

Use Cinemeta for simple metadata

TMDB Informations

You will enter information about TMDB here. You can find your API key in "Settings" after registering here


Set-up here your filtering parameters. Suiting results is a must :)


Choose the sorting that suits you the best.

Get the best quality on top

Filter results by size descending

Filter results by size ascending

Filter results by quality then size descending

Quality Exclusion

Check qualities that you want to exclude

Choose your languages

Set a maximum size for your results in GB.

Set the amount of maximum results you want per quality.

Set the amount of maximum results you want.